Collision Auto Parts, comprised of three entities that operate distribution facilities across California and New Mexico, is a leading value-added distributor of certified and non-certified aftermarket collision repair parts. COL’s product categories include bumper covers, grilles, fender lines, hoods, tail lamps, head lamps and others. Collision Auto Parts utilizes a robust fleet of trucks to deliver parts to customers on a daily basis. Through tenured supplier relationships and a dedicated commitment to customer service, the Company has been able to develop and maintain strong customer relationships with national and regional MSOs and local collision repair providers.


We are a company committed to exceeding the expectations of our internal and external customers. Respect and honesty is the core of our principles to our customers, employees and our community. We are innovative and have excellence as our only goals. All of this is the foundation of our strength as a company.


Providing products of the highest quality in the market for collision auto parts, ensuring the reliability of our products and obtain the trust and loyalty of our customers. Create and maintain a healthy and productive work environment by developing leaders through training, recognition and career development of all the family members that make up this company. We are committed to being a company that is innovative, competitive and strongly oriented to the satisfaction of our customers and suppliers.


Become the main supplier of collision auto parts in the regional, national and global market. Being a company that exceeds the expectations of our internal and external customers, always giving priority to the quality of our products and always providing the best customer service. Develop employees with strong foundations based on ethics and continuous improvement to enhance & develop their professional and human growth.


Ethic. My attitude, my image and my actions are a reflection of my principles & values.

Leadership. Because I always look for the continuous improvement in myself and everything around me.

Team Work. Integration is the basis for the harmony, solidarity and comradeship among all of the people that are part of this company.

Responsibility. It is the wisdom that experience gives us to carry out our obligations, assuming the consequences of our actions and decisions.

Equity. Respect, tolerance and acceptance to our internal and external customers providing at all times a professional and courteous treatment.